Work and money in middle life

Work and jobs, middle life problems, midlife crisis

Middle life crisis - Work and Money

Working adults understand the importance of having a good job, it could bring happiness, money, status, stability, financial security and all combinations of these things or it may bring nothing but stress and worry.

Often work related problems will bring unhappiness to an individual, whilst restraining his or her potential and stalling professional and personal growth. These things will often lead to well-being issues detrimental to mental and physical health, depression and perhaps in rare cases the level of dissatisfaction and unhappiness may trigger a middle life crisis.

Middle life of course is supposed to be the golden phase for work, when an individual possesses a lot of experience and where there is still a lot of room to grow, yet during this phase the growth is at it's most natural and often accelerated pace.

Often to counter the problems one needs to reevaluate his or her needs in order to adjust them accordingly and therefore deal with the situation by seeking a new position or a new place to work.