Making family life more interesting

Many couples complain of dull family life and of family routine.Living with someone for a long time results in personality clashes and just plain old boredom. It is completely natural and therefore rarely avoidable. However there are ways to spice up life and make it far more fun and interesting.

Reasons for family life boredom most commonly is the fact that it is much more difficult to grow and change, to lead an artistic/dynamic life as an adult, partly because of new responsibilities and partly because of lack of time.

15 tips on how to improve your family life and to make it more interesting

1. Learn about and of your family

Could be worthwhile to take an interest in your own family to learn about their interests, whilst for younger children Disneyland is awesome, for some it may not be as awesome as Hogwarts set. For those older interests can vary completely, often as youngsters mature you grow apart from them and therefore know very little of their interests. So do spend time on learning what they like, rather than. The loved one’s hobbies and interest could have changed since you’ve last asked (or cared) so better learn about them afresh. The juniors may seek independence or attachment; the loved ones may seek more “me-time” or more “we-time”.

2. Give time and respect to everyone

When you’ve learned what your family enjoys it is no good leaving someone out of your plans, although someone may want to be left out of your plans it wouldn’t be fair to exclude them from your considerations. If you cannot accommodate someone’s needs at the expense of someone else, it is better to acknowledge it and to make amends. Learning to compromise is a must.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Stopping short of excesses of eccentricity, you could try everything in life, alone or with someone. Don’t exclude juniors from trying new things wit you but it could be wiser to try things out yourself first. You can learn to ski with your children, or try windsurfing with your other half. Had a colleague tell about parachute jumping? – Go try it out. Alone, if you must, but one of the best things about experimentation is sharing a feeling together with someone, experiencing something new and learning about yourself. The more experiments you make, the better you become at life.

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

Sounds like a cliche but it is quite true. Now that your life is comfortable and stable, it bores you. Yet despite the world being full of opportunities and new things, you are most likely to ignore them. Like the point above states you need to experiment. But experiments might result in failures and nobody openly admits to being afraid of failure, but instead people have found ingenious ways to make excuses for themselves, in order to avoid trying. The key here is to know that trying something doesn’t guarantee anything but that great feeling of exploration, challenging self. If you succeed – awesome, if you don’t it really doesn’t matter, scientists for example spend their whole lives doing experiments that might not show any evidence to support their hypothesis. Besides, you and everyone else forget failures straight away whilst successes are remembered.
Comedians also have an approach to failure where they laugh at it, regardless of whether they are the perpetrators of failure or the recipients of the results.
So never be afraid to learn new things regardless of age, never be afraid to learn from your mistakes and never be afraid to admit them either.

5. Find time

Finding time is the hardest task if you have to take care of your family. At a certain level, family issues and chores would consume most of your time. There is an article on this site that deals with this in more detail but overall, as a summary the key to find time for yourself is to delegate chores and duties to others.

6. Recalling your youth

You enjoyed something when you were younger. Take heed and try to recall things that made your life exciting, and perhaps the people who made it fun are no longer near you, it is a good idea to recall what it was about them that made you happy. You might have enjoyed fishing with your grandad, why not take the junior fishing. You might have enjoyed playing scrabble with your nan, why not introduce your daughter to it. You might have seen your uncle riding a bike and looking very impressive, why not get yourself to a workshop and explore the bargains on the market. Discuss with your loved ones what they enjoy and see if you can relate to it.

7. Explore your creativity

The points above may state tips on helping yourself, but nothing is more beneficial than trying to explore your creativity. An exercise for the mind, a hobby it might even make you money. A family is a close-knit unit where you may find not only support and inspiration but also test subjects (in a good way) Many authors started with children’s stories for the little ones. Drawing landscapes or people is another way to explore your creative side, hanging a piece of your art in the lounge to remind yourself of your creative side for years to come. You won’t know how good you are at things unless you try and persevere. Nothing will inspire the little ones to create more than your example.

8. Travelling

Travelling is the most available way to spice up your family life. If you find time and financial resources for this. Travelling is not just holidays and dozing by the pool after a hangover. It is much more than that. The more you travel there more you know of where you came from. Trying yourself in different cultures, tasting different cuisines, listening to different dialects, it is all character building for you and your family. Travelling together somewhere is a great way to bond, but it needs to be approached tactically and tactfully. The young ones may seek detachment and the loved ones may want more “we time” with you. Sometimes travelling to places where you grew up may bring back some pleasant memories, stir up some emotions you’ve forgotten. Discover the world and you will rediscover yourself.

9. Letting go

Middle life presents opportunities for change and change often requires you to get rid of items unnecessary and out of fashion. One could mention old PCs that you rarely use, and whilst they were great 10 years ago, today they are slow and immobile. Clothes, things, get rid of things you will never use again and perhaps it could be wise to do the same thing with people in your life.

10. Discover yourself by living a dynamic/ artistic life

“If you want to be a grocer, or a general, or a politician, or a judge, you will invariably become it; that is your punishment. If you never know what you want to be, if you live what some might call the dynamic life but what I will call the artistic life, if each day you are unsure of who you are and what you know you will never become anything, and that is your reward.”