Work and money

Quitting or changing jobs as part of middle life crisis

Jobs as a stress factor during middle life and a potential cause of middle life crisis

Statistics from various sources show that most stress in life is work related, in most cultures anyway. It is know that being underpaid, being bullied, work consuming time and energy are known to most and today very people get to work jobs they love. Besides something that you loved doing 15 years ago might be a bore by now and that is stress in it's own right.

Approaching retirement and midlife cisis

Retirement as the ultimate middle life crisis opportunity

Like it or not, retiring is like a life's way of kicking you in the backside. You are not a spring chicken, occasionally your back hurts, often you find yourself entertained but bored and there are lot of signs that you are unprepared for retirement emotionally. However the best way to approach retirement as a world of opportunities. As middle life crisis looms, it may be helpful to prepare for retirement regardless of your age.

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